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Excellent Worthwhile Reading

Rodolfo Hernandez, Amazon Review This book should be of interest to anyone and I recommend it, in the highest regard. After all, what human being is not destined to suffer the loss of a deeply loved person at some point in ones’ life. Whether by… Read More »Excellent Worthwhile Reading

Signposts Pointing the Way

Peter Black, Amazon Review Read it in Amazon > I find that Beatriz’s book will be very helpful to me and many of us should we find ourselves in a similar situation of immense loss of a life partner/soulmate. I feel she is very brave and… Read More »Signposts Pointing the Way

Uplifting and Inspirational

Laura, Amazon Review Beatriz’s story begins with the harrowing loss of her husband. She shows us how to honor our dead and regain life after a devastating gut punch. Her journey to Buenos Aires reminds me of the many times I traveled with my mother… Read More »Uplifting and Inspirational

Finding Your Way Through Grief

Miggs W. Gillis PhD., Amazon Review Grief is untidy. No one follows a list of steps in a linear fashion. Grief ebbs and flows confusing us with its moments of despair and normalcy. Beatriz Dujovne captures the longing for the departed and the moments when… Read More »Finding Your Way Through Grief