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A Loving Heart Repaired……From Confusion To Self-Confidence And Purpose

Sandra Kistler, Amazon Review

I could not put this book down once I started reading. Losing a spouse is traumatic, confusing, and bewildering. Beatriz captured all of this in her book…..and the road back to herself with confidence and purpose. She slowly, with care, reveals her healing process with interesting details about her inner life and the outside world in Buenos Aires. The pain of losing a loving relationship and the conscious rebirth of the remaining spouse is meticulously unfolded in this story. Beatriz delicately shares her intimate moments saying goodbye to Carlos, and her recovery and discovery of herself in the aftermath.
The details of Beatriz’s story are different than mine, my husband’s death. Yet, the deep pain and confusion are captured in this book. Many will relate to this story. There are hundreds of widows(widowers) out here. I discovered their secret of pain locked in their hearts as we made eye contact acknowledging our shared experience. Friends do their best in providing comfort and therapists offer talk therapy and medication. In the meantime, the grieving survivor feels more alone and isolated.
What can we do to provide the depth of comfort needed in these situations? Beatriz was drawn to Buenos Aires for therapy with depth leading to healing. How can we expand our awareness and understanding in providing a transformation in this conversation about the devastating life changes the survivor goes through?