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Flying from Autumn to Spring

As we begin our descent, the city where I will be landing within the hour has enamored me for my whole life.
I treasure the warmth that oozes from her pores.
There I can relate to family, to friends, even to strangers, in ways I never practice in the States.
I can greet them with hugs and kisses.

This year I am going for more than the city.
I am bringing her my broken heart after the colossal loss of my lifelong husband.
‘Husband’ is such an inadequate term to describe him.
He was bigger than life itself: my favorite person, my cheerleader, my cocoon, my protector, my advisor, my friend.
Now I am a single person, a widow.

Psychotherapy will help me, piece by piece, to reconstruct my present life––
I want to know the all of me, so I can move forward—centered, maintaining my own balance.
I want to plant the seeds of my new identity, as a person living on my own.

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