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A Love Letter to her Husband and to Life…

Ann, Amazon Review

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This memoir is a love letter from Beatriz to her husband, Carlos, and to their beloved Buenos Aires. When her husband dies, Beatriz retreats from life in Portland, Oregon to the place where they made so many memories together. A gifted therapist in her own right, Beatriz takes her grief into therapy with another master clinician. Therapists will appreciate her descriptions of the work of a highly skilled therapist in treatment with a therapist’s therapist.

Years of work as a therapist specializing in grief and loss have taught me many things: There are elements of grieving the loss of a spouse that are universal. Beatriz elucidates these with courage and vulnerability. And, not every love changes our lives—but when that happens, we are so fortunate. Beatriz and Carlos transformed each other’s lives when they fell in love, and the transformation process never stopped.