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Uplifting and Inspirational

Laura, Amazon Review

Beatriz’s story begins with the harrowing loss of her husband. She shows us how to honor our dead and regain life after a devastating gut punch.

Her journey to Buenos Aires reminds me of the many times I traveled with my mother to Rome, her birthplace. As the plane began its descent, she became transformed, lit up like a child finding Christmas presents under a tree. As part of her intimate journey in Buenos Aires, Beatriz interacts with different people on a daily basis; the energy she receives and the energy she generates between her friends and strangers is the beginning of the healing of her soul. Her spontaneous interactions give her opportunities to feel life as she once knew it. My Italian ancestry helps me recognize that our country would consider some of her interactions rude and impinging on one’s “personal space.” Beatriz sees her encounters differently and accepts them without judgment. Revisiting wonderful memories that she and Carlos had in the city helps her to heal. The experience she has in Argentina offers her something she would not have had in this culture.

She seeks help from a therapist who lets her unravel, he doesn’t pressure her with questions, he doesn’t direct her thoughts, but helps her unearth emotions to find her own path to healing. It was interesting to see the similarities between the doctor and Carlos. Both men gave her ample space to be herself.

Beatriz transparently shares stories about her initiation into the world of singles. She took risks that were unimaginable to her. Riding a motorcycle across traffic on a dangerous avenue with a familiar/stranger must have felt like a shot of B-12.

Before these positive experiences could take place, she had to unleash herself from a growingly uncomfortable connection with Gustavo, an emotionally abusive person. It took many therapy sessions for her to walk away from him.

Don’t Be Sad When I’m Gone is not a sad story, instead it gives a message of survival, hope and how to make life whole again after a tragic loss.